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What SANE does

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SANE Helpline

Help Centre

A national online and Freecall service, providing information, support and referral to people concerned about complex mental health issues.
SANE Forums

SANE Forums

A safe, anonymous community providing peer support for people living with complex mental health issues, family, friends and carers.
SANE information services

SANE Facts & Guides

Our resources provide concise and easy-to-read information on mental health issues and complex mental health issues (CMHI).
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The SANE Blog

SANE's online publication, featuring interviews, articles and issues important to people affected by complex mental health issues.

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Media Centre

Promoting responsible portrayal of mental health issues and suicide in the media and helping health professionals engage.


Voicing community concern, StigmaWatch works to improve the representation of mental health issues and suicide in the media.
The Dax Centre tree logo

The Dax Centre

A leader in the use of art to raise awareness and reduce stigma towards mental health issues.
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Thriving Communities

A campaign to build social connection and improve outcomes for Australians affected by complex mental health issues.

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Mental health at work

Providing managers and employees with information and skills to respond to mental health issues in the workplace.

People like us

People like us

Positive, real-life stories from people affected by complex mental health issues.

Monthly Giving

By making a regular donation you can be an important ongoing part of SANE Australia’s work.

Facts & guides

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Our factsheets & guides provide easy-to-read information on complex mental health issues for everyone. Have a look - you can browse, download or send them on to someone who needs them.