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You are not alone.

When someone close to you has suicidal thoughts or attempts suicide, it can be hard to respond to their needs while also looking after yourself. This site is for you. You are not alone was made with the help of people who have been carers and know how tough it is. Explore the wheel below for information and support. There’s no set order: click what you most need now.

Select the ‘info’ icon on the graphic for more information

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I just wish I'd had more information about what to do at the time

A mother who cares for her adult daughter

Note: this site uses the term ‘suicide attempt’ or ‘crisis’. Whether the person you care about has tried to take their own life (suicide attempt), has made plans to do so or experienced suicidal thoughts (suicide ideation), the role you can play as their supporter remains the same.

Whatever is going on for you and the person you care about, You are not alone.

If you are looking for information and support because you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please visit Better off with you, our suicide prevention initiative.

You can search for national support options available to you, and find real stories of people with experiences similar to your own.

If someone is at immediate risk, call 000 or visit your nearest hospital.