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About the Anne Deveson Research Centre

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The Anne Deveson Research Centre (ADRC), an initiative of SANE Australia, promotes the wellbeing of Australians affected by complex mental illness. We undertake practical research that drives policy change to produce better social outcomes.

The ADRC prioritises research conducted in partnership with people who have lived experience of complex mental illness. We focus on multidisciplinary research exploring the social impacts of these conditions and addressing stigma and discrimination.


The Australian mental health system is not currently meeting the needs of those affected by complex mental illness. Australians living with complex mental illness still:

  • experience unacceptable levels of stigma and discrimination
  • experience poorer health and employment outcomes
  • have a far shorter average life expectancy than their peers.

This is unacceptable.

While research on the clinical and biomedical aspects of complex mental illness is increasing, there is a relative paucity of research into the non-clinical and social aspects of what it means to live with complex mental illness, and how we can improve the lives of those directly affected, their carers, families and friends.

The ADRC will respond to these gaps in the evidence base.


The ADRC will:

  1. value the contribution that people with lived experience make to understanding the needs of people living with complex mental illness and their families, friends and colleagues
  2. conduct high quality multi-disciplinary translational research focussing on the social impacts of complex mental illness
  3. act as catalyst for the development and implementation of policies and programs that improve mental health outcomes and wellbeing for all people living with complex mental illness
  4. build the capacity of early career researchers and researchers with lived experience of complex mental illness to build the evidence base and contribute to the sustainability of the mental health sector
  5. collaborate with institutions, organisations and governments to support high quality research regarding the social impact of complex mental illness
  6. undertake commissioned work and publish the outcomes in a range of formats and channels, to best inform and influence policy and practice
  7. develop and implement a robust evaluation framework for SANE Australia’s programs and initiatives, and support other mental health organisations doing the same.

The Anne Deveson Research Centre will not:

  • deliver clinical services
  • represent mental health organisations or groups
  • compete with other organisations
  • replicate research or practice being done elsewhere.
Last updated: 26 November, 2019