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National Stigma Report Card

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National Stigma Report Card

1 July 2018 — 30 June 2023

The National Stigma Report Card project will examine for the first time how Australians living with complex mental illness experience stigma and discrimination across a range of areas, including housing, education, employment, health services and media representations, to help drive positive change.

More than 690,000 Australians live with complex mental illnesses, including psychotic illnesses, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, as well as severe and persistent depression and anxiety. People living with complex mental illness experience poorer health and social outcomes, driven in significant part by stigma and discrimination from the broader community.

A National Stigma Report Card will be created from a comprehensive survey of 7000 Australians living with complex mental illness about their experiences of stigma and discrimination. This is the largest survey of its kind conducted in Australia to date.

Team members

  • Dr Michelle Blanchard
    Director, Anne Deveson Research Centre
  • Dr Chris Groot
    Research Lead
  • Dr Imogen Rehm
    Research Fellow
  • Dr Cal Andrews
    Research Fellow
  • Beth Hobern
    Research Assistant
  • Lisa Sweeney
    Head of Policy and Advocacy
  • Rebecca Hyland
    Government Relations and Sector Engagement Coordinator
  • Rikki Morgan
    Communications Officer – Research

Expected outcomes

The National Stigma Report Card will provide a baseline by which changes in stigma and discrimination can be assessed over time at a national, state and regional level.

Project Partners

SANE Australia has partnered with the Paul Ramsay Foundation to undertake this flagship project of the Anne Deveson Research Centre.

Information for Supporters

Our Turn to Speak is looking for the perspectives of 7,000 Australian residents living with severe and complex mental health issues. To reach this many people across our vast country, we need your support.

How you can help

Our Turn to Speak is a national survey that seeks to understand the life experiences of people living with severe and complex mental health issues. This is the largest survey of its kind ever conducted in Australia and the findings will provide the means for evidence-based advocacy towards policy, resourcing and programs at local, regional and national levels.

By sharing the survey with eligible participants, you will help ensure we reach our goal of 7,000 respondents in a survey sample that reflects the diversity of the Australian population.

Why you should encourage people to participate

SANE’s ultimate goal is to make a real difference in the lives of people affected by complex mental health issues through support, research and advocacy.

Through the Our Turn to Speak survey, we hope to develop a clearer understanding of where policy change and cultural shifts are needed most. The results will inform our advocacy priorities, and guide our policy positions and advocacy to support SANE’s mission.

There may also be opportunities to collaborate on the future advocacy activities that arise from the survey’s findings. 

Check out some of our Key Supporters here.

Further information

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the National Stigma Report Card project.

Last updated: 23 October, 2019