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Pharmaceutical policy

The following policy frames SANE’s stance on working with pharmaceutical companies and outlines the use of contributions received.
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Pharmaceutical policy


This policy is designed to:

  • Frame the SANE Group’s stance on working with pharmaceutical companies
  • Outline the use of contributions received by pharmaceutical companies.


The SANE Group is committed to partnering with organisations that share its values and its mission to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by complex mental health issues. It is through these partnerships that SANE can advocate to a wider audience and can enhance its capacity and its sustainability.

While the innovations and efforts of the pharmaceutical industry have helped to improve the lives of many people living with complex mental health issues, SANE recognises that not all members of its community feel positively towards this industry. It also understands that partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, may lead to concerns around the potential for conflicts of interest to arise.

Above all else, SANE acknowledges that it must remain committed to:

  • independence, transparency and its values
  • providing the best possible information about a wide range of medical and non-medical evidenced-based treatments
  • promoting non-pharmacological based treatments where treatment is effective in advancing the wellbeing of people living with complex mental health issues
  • advocating to ensure that people with complex mental health issues have affordable access to effective medications and treatments
  • improving the physical health of people living with mental health issues and promoting longer lives.

All partnership opportunities will be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis and those involving the pharmaceutical industry will need to adhere to the guidelines outlined below.


  • SANE will remain independent of the actions and views expressed by pharmaceutical companies. In line with SANE’s values, where there is disagreement, we welcome robust and constructive discussion.
  • If SANE receives a contribution from a pharmaceutical company as part of a partnership or without a formal partnership arrangement this will be publicly acknowledged in SANE’s annual report and on the website. This includes funds received for research projects, activities, travel or resources.
  • Gifts and gratuities offered by pharmaceutical companies will not be accepted.
  • SANE will have complete control over the educational content of any activities or resources funded by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Where SANE accepts funds from a pharmaceutical company for a research project, it must be agreed that the involvement of the company in the conduct of the research will end after the initial concept development phase. The research design, data collection and data analysis must be completed by SANE without interference from representatives of the funder.
  • SANE does not and will not recommend, prescribe, dispense, promote, purchase or arrange for the use of medications associated with a pharmaceutical company in any information materials, content, media promotions, forums activities, SANE Help Centre or any other communications.
  • SANE will not enter into any confidentiality agreement with a pharmaceutical company, except where SANE’s participation in an advisory capacity to a pharmaceutical company requires a confidentiality agreement to preserve commercial in confidence information.
  • SANE will not provide comment for any pharmaceutical company media release.
  • SANE staff will consider invitations to attend pharmaceutical company sponsored conferences, meetings and events on the basis that these meetings are a source of information relevant to SANE’s work for people with lived experience. SANE’s participation at meetings will be reviewed on merit and agreed by the SANE Executive Team. Our attendance will not be linked to any expectation that SANE will promote the products being discussed.
  • Any pharmaceutical company wishing to acknowledge SANE’s involvement in the development of patient materials or the conduct of research, or wishing to use the SANE logo, must first obtain written permission from a member of SANE’s Executive Team.
  • Any written permission provided by SANE will only be valid for the particular activity for which it was requested.
  • SANE’s logo cannot be used on any pharmaceutical company product or product information.
  • SANE will ensure that financial contributions from pharmaceutical companies total no more than 5% of SANE’s total income.


  • Monitoring adherence to this policy is the responsibility of SANE’s CEO.


Should you wish to provide feedback on this policy at any time, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Current support

Janssen is a major partner of the SANE Peer Ambassador Program and provides some support for strategic research projects on issues relating to support for people affected by complex mental health issues. Janssen is also an occasional partner of the Parliamentary Friends of Mental Health group which SANE also supports. Lundbeck and Servier are also occasional partners of the PFMH. In the year ended 30 June 2020 less than 2% of SANE’s funding was sourced from pharmaceutical companies.

Last reviewed and approved by the SANE Board 25 June 2020.

Last updated: 21 September 2020

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