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Online peer communities create hope every day

Jess smiles sitting at a workstation with art supplies next to them and vines decorating the wall behind them.

Content note: This blog mentions suicide.  

Jess is a SANE Peer Support Worker and long-time fan of people with shared experiences supporting each other. Jess talks about the power of peer support to prevent suicide and create hope.  

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Disability, mental health and wellbeing

Person sitting in garden smiling and resting arms on the back of their chair

Content note: this blog mentions ableism, internalised ableism and trauma.  

Liel K. Bridgford is a proud disabled person and former mental health counsellor. She shares some thoughts on living with a disability and supporting your mental health, including the benefits of opening up and finding role models in the disability community. 

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How I learnt it's ok to get help

Person looking down and smiling they are outside and sun is shining on them.

I grew up in a culture where many people don’t talk about mental health issues. So, it has always been hard to discuss my mental health journey with others.

However, having navigated challenges and stigma around mental health issues to get support, I would like to share what I've learnt so others know they are not alone.

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