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Tips to help you overcome change


Are you currently going through a time of change? A new job, starting university, getting married, buying a house, or living away from home for the first time?

This change may be obvious, subtle, unwanted or well-planned. 

It's possible that you're experiencing stress regardless of whether it's a negative or positive change. Just how much stress depends on how you react to it.

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Coping with distressing news events

A person reads the newspaper looking troubled

A disaster or some other upsetting global event can dominate our thoughts and feelings, our private and public conversations, our homes and workplaces. And with 24/7 news just a click or tap away, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.

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Ways to unwind and destress when you live with a mental illness


There's a proven relationship between stress and mental illness. It can worsen an episode, or even result in symptoms returning.

A balanced lifestyle and coping strategies can help with the management of stress. But how do you start?

The following suggestions can be implemented right now, or they can form part of an ongoing plan. 

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10 tips to manage anger

Two people talking sitting across a table from each other

Anger is a normal human emotion we all experience from time to time - when things don't go the way we want, or people don't behave the way we think they should. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily wrong or bad to be angry. Rather, it’s what we choose to do with that anger that determines whether it becomes a problem in our lives.

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Managing stress at work

Managing stress at work

Media articles about stress at work seems to be common place these days.

If your workload is increasing and you can feel the stress rising here are five simple tips to manage workplace stress.

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