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'More than the baby blues' - we could have died without private health insurance

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TW: This article mentions suicide and traumatic events. 

Guest blog by Anita Link, originally published on her blog, Thought Food. We acknowledge that people's experiences of both private and public mental health support services differ. SANE encourages ongoing discussion and debate around the positives and limitations of our mental health system. 

Have you ever had a moment when your answer to a question determined whether your life imploded?

I have.

It came five days into parenthood. I was lying on the floor in my maternity hospital room crying because I was trying to outrun a jaguar chasing me towards a cliff. Things were starting to go very wrong in my brain.

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Understanding postnatal psychosis


Postnatal psychosis (also known as postpartum or puerperal psychosis) is a rare condition affecting around 1 or 2 women in every thousand.

It's a serious illness that requires urgent treatment.

Most people know very little about postnatal psychosis so it can come as a shock. It can often occur suddenly without a history of mental illness.

Understanding postnatal psychosis can better prepare families in the event of an episode.

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A rollercoaster ride through the darkest places I never wanted to visit


After our first son was born, I gradually lost all connection with reality. There was no history of mental illness in our family. This came completely out of the blue and hit our family like a tropical cyclone.

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How to speak out about the challenges of parenting

How to speak out about the challenges of parenting

Being a parent is challenging.

Change occurs in every area of wellbeing - physical, emotional and social - and the impact can be overwhelming.

Knowing when and how to speak up about the difficulties of parenting is difficult. Expectations define parenthood as something to be enjoyed, but sometimes these expectations don't match reality.

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