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Tips to help you overcome change


‚ÄčAre you currently going through a time of change? A new job, starting university, getting married, buying a house, or living away from home for the first time?

This change may be obvious, subtle, unwanted or well-planned. 

It's possible that you're experiencing stress regardless of whether it's a negative or positive change. Just how much stress depends on how you react to it.

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Busting the myths about anxiety disorders


Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia, on average one in four people will experience the illness at some stage in their life. 

Yet a common myth is that anxiety disorders are rare.

Despite the prevalence there are many myths surrounding anxiety. These myths can create stigma and prevent help seeking. So it's important to know the facts.

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How to stop catastrophising

Person wearing a hood with their hands nervously in front of their face standing outside

Do you make mountains out of molehills? Is it all or nothing? Do you imagine the worst possible outcome for future events?

This type of anxiety is common. It can be debilitating and all encompassing. It can impact your ability to enjoy life, make decisions, or take action.

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