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Mental illness is real

But we’re not alone. There is much that can be done, and together we can help each other lead a better life.

What is mental illness?


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Honouring the work of Barbara Hocking OAM the Hocking Fellowship offers Australians the chance to improve mental health services by advancing public understanding of mental illness.

Apply for the Hocking Fellowship!

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Simon Champ

'We were once called "sufferers". Since then we've been called patients, consumers, service users, clients and goodness know what else. I like that SANE Australia has always referred to us as people, just like anyone else.'

SANE pioneers: Simon Champ

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We asked one of our carers, 'Ace', to share his advice for living with and loving someone with BPD.

Carer insight: BPD

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Sandy has lived with Schizophrenia for over 30 years. She is a celebrated author and poet who writes with honesty and humour about the realities of living with a mental illness.

Living with Schizophrenia

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Living with OCD video
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Advice on the most pressing questions about mental illness from people with lived experience, carers and the SANE Help Centre.

Your questions answered

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What are the common misconceptions of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? And how can we fight them? The SANE Help Centre corrects five common BPD stigmas.

Fighting five common BPD stigmas

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TC Mark Eustace and Simon Madden

Living stories: thriving communities

Inspiring stories from people affected by complex mental illness that show how connection and support can make a meaningful difference to our lives.

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SANE online forums

Anonymous online support and connection for people affected by mental illness, carers, families and friends.

The forums are welcoming, safe and moderated 24 hours a day.

factsheets and guides

Facts & Guides

All you need to know about the symptoms, treatments and finding help for yourself and others.

These easy-to-read, practical guides have been reviewed by clinicians and members of the community.