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Families & Carers

Guides and resources for families, friends and others caring for someone with a mental illness.
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People like us

Stories of illness, survival, recovery and hope, told by people living with complex mental health issues, their families and the people who care for them.

Family matters - a guide

The families and friends of people with mental illness can play a critical role in recovery. They also need to ensure they look after their their own welfare.

Drugs, alcohol and mental illness

Substance abuse is often confused with mental illness. Some people are also affected by both problems. Find out more about this difficult topic, and what help is available.
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What is stigma?

Learn more about stigma of mental illness and suicide and how it affects people

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Get Help

Where to get help for you or someone you know.

factsheets and guides

Facts and Guides

Authoritative and up-to-date explanations of a range of mental health issues and related issues.

People like us

Ever feel like you’re the only one going through this? We’ve asked people affected by complex mental health issues to share their stories. You’re not alone.

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SANE Forums

The SANE Forums are full of people like you, who want to talk to you and offer support. We care about what’s going on for you - because between us all, we’ve been through a lot.