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SANE welcomes three new board directors

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SANE welcomes three new board directors

SANE is pleased to announce the appointment of Kirstie Allen, Nicola Farray and Luke Marshall to the SANE board.

All bring a wealth of professional and personal expertise that aligns with SANE’s mission of building a brighter future for people affected by complex mental health issues.   

SANE CEO, Rachel Green, said the new directors will support the organisation to work towards its ambitious ten-year plan.

‘SANE supports all Australians affected by complex mental health issues and we have a long history of amplifying, empowering and championing this community.’

‘Our work has never been more important as we fight to ensure those impacted by mental ill health have equal rights and appropriate access to the support they need to lead a healthy and meaningful life.’

‘We’re delighted to have these three exceptionally talented people join us as we work towards breaking down barriers of stigma and discrimination and bridging the gaps between systems of support as Australia’s leading digital mental health organisation.’

The new directors have welcomed the opportunity to contribute to SANE’s work.

Kirstie Allen says, ‘I am delighted to be joining the board of SANE and support its innovative digital programs for people and their family and friends around Australia experiencing mental health challenges. Like many Australians, I have lived experience with complex mental health issues so supporting SANE’s ambiton is more than a professional endeavour, it is one that is close to my heart.’

“I am thrilled to join the Board of SANE and make a contribution to the important work of SANE and The Dax Centre. Enhancing the lives of those experiencing, or supporting others experiencing, serious mental health challenges is of both long-standing professional and deep personal meaning to me.” says Nicola Farray.

“I’ve admired SANE’s work for years. Complex mental health issues don’t fit into a neat box, and SANE has diligently represented and advocated for people who experience them. I’m grateful for organisations with this level of understanding. I’m pleased to join and serve the organisation as a board member, and am eager to help them grow their impact with digital mental health services and provide another voice with lived experience.” says Luke Marshall.

These new board appointments have been made following the resignation of Craig Connelly, Cameron Solnordal and Richard Wilson.

Craig, Cameron and Richard all made significant contributions during their tenure, with Craig being instrumental in supporting the development of SANE's strategic plan, digital transformation and investment in innovation, Richard acting as a critical member of the Risk Management and Audit Committee, and Cameron guiding the development of the SANE Bridging the Gaps strategy, and using his own lived experience to break down stigma through his support of the Stigmawatch program.

We extend our warmest welcome to Kirstie, Nicola and Luke and our sincere thanks to Craig, Cameron and Richard for their service to SANE and the community of people impacted by complex mental health issues.

Biographies of new SANE directors

Kirstie Allen
Kirstie Allen has an extensive 30-year career in public policy and strategy across economic, social and environmental portfolios. Kirstie has held Deputy Secretary positions in the NSW Government and as an executive in the private sector working across Australian jurisdictions. Kirstie is now focused on completing her PhD at the University of Sydney and supporting Deloitte on housing and homelessness strategy and policy issues.

Nicola Farray
Nicola is an experienced public service executive who has worked in policy, program, corporate, operational and oversight roles in a wide range of portfolios. She has previously been a Board Director of YWCA Victoria and Y Housing. With a background in social work, Nicola has specialised in health and community care for children and families, people experiencing mental health challenges and people interacting with the justice system. She is currently an Executive Director in the Victorian Department of Health and was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Inquiry into historical child sexual abuse in Beaumaris Primary School and certain other government schools. Prior executive roles include health workforce strategy, mental health reform and as Director of Policy and Research at the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

Luke Marshall
Luke Marshall is a marketing and technology leader who has been working with clients and digital strategies since 2006. He is a curious and driven communicator who weaves deep experience into his consulting, coaching, and training programs. Working for big tech companies, Luke helped launch YouTube across Southeast Asia within Google's creative team and spearheaded some of the first Instagram advertising campaigns in Australia. Luke has lived experience with complex mental health issues and sits on SANE’s Lived Experience Advisory Committee (LEAC). He has written his own book and spoken publicly about these experiences. In more recent years Luke has directed his efforts towards helping social enterprises and nonprofits communicate more effectively and get more out of the capabilities of online. He holds a BA (Media & Communications) from the University of Melbourne. Luke is a strong believer in mental health and trauma recovery, who actively volunteers in peer-support circles. A proud father to twin boys, Luke views technology with excitement and caution as a potential force for good.

About SANE
SANE is the leading national mental health organisation for people with persistent, recurring or complex mental health issues and trauma. It provides a range of free digital and telehealth services to support them and their families. Led by the voices of its community, SANE drives change to improve the lives of those living with complex mental health and end stigma and discrimination. Find out more at

Last updated: 22 May 2024

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