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SANE’s new strategic plan

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SANE’s new strategic plan

Words by Rachel Green, CEO of SANE

Whenever I’m asked what SANE does, I answer, “we fight against inequity for people with complex mental health issues, and their families.”

Inequity underpins everything.

People with complex mental health issues find inequity within the health system, because where you live and how much money you have still determine the care you receive. Inequity is structural, geographic, and economic, disproportionately affecting those with the most complex needs. Too often, despite decades of reform, people still cannot find the help they need when they need it.

They find inequity in their workplaces – despite recent gains and heightened awareness – which do not target nor are designed for people with complex mental health issues, neurodiversity, or psychosocial disability. They find inequity every day in media reports that stigmatise them with outmoded conceptions. They find it in government services, which do not take the complexity of their health issues into account. And they find it in their communities, which do not expect them to lead good, productive lives.

The question for SANE as we position ourselves for the future is: ‘How do we eliminate inequity for people with complex mental health issues?’ The short answer is to pivot our energies towards action. We must take action to bridge the gaps in the system, break down barriers and change the course of life for people with complex mental health issues.

Read more about our new Strategic Plan

Last updated: 7 June 2022

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