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SANE welcomes appointment of new Chair Marg O'Donnell AO

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SANE Australia has warmly welcomed the the appointment of Marg O’Donnell AO as the new Chair of the Board of Management.

Ms O’Donnell has taken up the position following her tenure as Chair of Breast Cancer Network of Australia, a position she held for 6 years.

Ms O’Donnell began her working life as a child welfare officer with the Department of Children's Services in Queensland and at Walston Park Psychiatric Hospital. Marg has held a number of senior roles including acting Director for the Human Rights Commission, she was the inaugural Legal Ombudsman in Victoria, she then returned to Queensland heading three government departments, including, Aboriginal Affairs, Fair Trading, and the Arts. In recent times Marg has chaired a number of statutory authority boards.


SANE Australia CEO Jack Heath said Ms O’Donnell’s passion for the helping Australians affected by mental illness combined with her strong Government background will prove to be invaluable to the organisation as it looks to release its new 3 year strategy in September.

'The strategy continues the trajectory that began 30 years ago with SANE’s founding commitment to helping all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life,' Mr Heath said.

'Over the past few years, as a nation, we have made great advances in reducing stigma around mild to moderate mental health illnesses. Now more than ever people are seeking help, but there is still a great deal of work to be done to help those at the more severe, or complex, end of the spectrum.

'Marg’s extensive experience across all levels of Government will greatly assist us as we place a spotlight on the 4 million Australians affected by complex mental illnesses.'

In response to her appointment Ms O’Donnell stated 'I am very pleased to be taking on the role of Chair for SANE Australia.

'I look forward to working closely with Jack and the team towards a future where Australians affected by complex mental illnesses have better services, stronger social connection, less discrimination and longer lives.'

Marg O’Donnell succeeds Stan Wallis AC who retired as Chair of SANE Australia after 8 years.

Last updated: 20 August 2020
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