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If you find media coverage that stigmatises mental illness or irresponsibly reports suicide, you can report the item to StigmaWatch using the form below.

Anyone can report a media item to StigmaWatch and if the coverage is found to breach media reporting guidelines, StigmaWatch will contact the media outlet involved with constructive feedback and advice.

We also want to hear about media stories that feature media portrayals of mental illness and suicide that reduce potential harm and enhance community understanding about the issues so we can congratulate them and further share their stories.

To find out more about media reporting guidelines and the StigmaWatch criteria, see:

StigmaWatch also encourages you to contact the media outlet directly so they can hear firsthand how people are affected by their portrayal of mental illness and suicide.

All StigmaWatch reports remain anonymous.

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The decision to follow up reports lies with SANE.

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Last updated: 8 October 2020

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