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Schizophrenic Property

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StigmaWatch was alerted to a property advertisement describing a development as being ‘schizophrenic’. The advertisement, which appeared in the Hobart Mercury on 03.06.2010 was placed by a local real estate company.

The concerns of StigmaWatchers were conveyed to the company’s managing director who explained he had received considerable community feedback, and he was sorry for any offence the advertisement had caused.

A week later the Hobart Mercury ran a Letter to the Editor from the managing director expressing his remorse for any offence caused and outlining the lessons he had learnt from the experience. The letter pointed out the common misconceptions about schizophrenia and the stigma people with a mental illness experience everyday.

StigmaWatch commends the actions taken to rectify the situation, particularly the effort made to publicise lessons learnt by the company in question.