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Stigma Files 2007

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The Bristow cartoon, published in The Age, is intended to be a source of light humour - but on 7.11.07  suicide was the topic of the joke. The cartoon depicted Bristow addressing a colleague.

The three speech bubbles read as follows:

1: ‘Committing suicide and blaming it on the firm?’
2: ‘I can’t see what is gained by blaming it on the firm...’
3: ‘The idea of you committing suicide is an excellent idea and one of the best you have had for some time...’

StigmaWatchers rejected suicide as a reasonable source of humour, and pointed out that such a serious and tragic problem should not be mocked. StigmaWatch contacted The Age to pass on this community feedback and to encourage a shift in editorial policy - to exclude cartoons and material that make light of suicide.

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