News + Comment 2015

Lessons to be learnt from those who have attempted suicide

Five people have shared their incredible stories of resilience after attempting to take their own lives, in a new SANE Australia video.

Launched at the 2015 National Suicide Prevention Conference in Hobart, the Lessons for Life video features stories of recovery, with the aim of increasing empathy and understanding.

‘I’ve looked at things and thought, how can I turn this lead into gold? It’s a way of reaching out to people and saying, ‘I had this experience, but it gets better’,’ says Adam, one of those in the video.

The video breaks down commonly held assumptions about those who attempt suicide.

‘Knowing that you’re able to live what everyone else deems as a normal life, you can have a career, you can have children, you can have these negative things in your life and still be ok,’ says Sam, another of the video’s participants.