SANE StigmaWatch and the Mental Health Sector

The media play a major role in influencing public attitudes and this includes attitudes to mental illness. SANE operate a StigmaWatch program which monitors the Australian media; it is part of the Mindframe National Media Initiative, which encourages responsible, accurate and sensitive portrayals of mental illness and suicide.

The StigmaWatch program voices community feedback about representations that stigmatise mental illness or inadvertently promote self-harm and suicide and recognizes reporting that actively reduces stigma through responsible and sensitive portrayals.

The mental health sector can play an important role in stigma reduction by encouraging anyone who has an interest in media reporting and portrayals of mental illness and suicide to sign up to be a StigmaWatcher.

As a StigmaWatcher you receive updates on the program, media alerts, and request a copy of the SANE Guide to Reducing Stigma.

For more information visit the StigmaWatch section of the SANE website.