Media + Communications students

The SANE Media Centre welcomes interest from students researching issues related to media reporting and portrayal of mental illness and suicide.

All student requests should be sent in writing by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Guidelines for student enquiries

Be clear about when you require a response by. Please allow a turnaround time of at least ten working days.

Be specific
Student enquiries can often be very open-ended or general – don’t be afraid to be specific. For example, instead of asking ‘Can you give me information about stigma and mental illness?’, ask ‘how does the media stigmatise mental illness?’

Do your research before contacting SANE
SANE Australia will endeavour to respond to student enquires where the information cannot be sourced from our website. Also please ensure SANE is the most appropriate organisation to assist you with your enquiry.

Don’t ask SANE to do your work
The Media Centre is happy to assist students in the development of assignments but will not undertake the work on behalf of the students. Please don’t send us your assignment questions – we will not complete your assignment for you.


SANE Media Centre Bulletins

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The SANE Media Centre has collated the latest Australian and international research on stigma and the effect of the media on public perception.

Visit the SANE Media Centre research page for more information.


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There are a wide range of media industry codes and standards covering the reporting of mental illness and suicide-related issues.

SANE Media Centre has collated these resources and best practice case-studies for reference and guidance.

SANE Research Bulletins ask people affected by mental illness to give their views on issues that affect their lives - providing real-world evidence to support advocacy for improved services and attitudes.

SANE Factsheets provide up-to-date and easy-to-read explanations of a range of mental health problems and related issues.

The Australian Government's Mindframe National Media Initiative provides resources for students in relation to mental health and suicide via the Response Ability website.

The SANE Media Centre is supported by the Australian Government as part of the Mindframe National Media Initiative.