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Roads to Wellness

Getting better. It’s a journey …

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‘I remember telling my wife that I was ill. She was fantastic. I wouldn’t be here without her.’

There are many roads to wellness. Here are some tools to help you find yours.

Makes our minds feel better
Others can be good medicine
How to navigate the mental health system and find the help you need.
SANE speakers

SANE Peer Ambassadors

Your experience is valuable. You can share that experience and help educate people, break down misunderstanding about mental illness and provide hope by joining SANE Peer Ambassadors.

feet under sheets

One of the challenges of living with a mental illness is that both the condition and the treatment can affect your sex life. Here are some suggestions for improving things.

woman staring, chin on hand

Reduce distress and improve your mood.

Eight tips to boost positive thinking.
hands knitting

‘It's not a bad thing to put self-care first.’

How to prepare for a return to work.
Hannah and friends

What is stigma?

Learn more about stigma of mental illness and suicide and how it affects people

More to discover
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Get Help

Where to get help for you or someone you know.

factsheets and guides

Facts and Guides

Authoritative and up-to-date explanations of a range of mental health problems and related issues.

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The different ways in which someone with a mental illness can get help.

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SANE Forums

Peer support for people living with a mental illness and their carers.