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Let's Talk

It can take deal of courage to reach out for help. You may have been concerned for a while that you weren’t feeling or acting as you normally do. Perhaps a friend or family member voiced some concern that you don’t seem yourself. After thinking about it for a while you decide to act. You call a Helpline. Go see your GP. Book an appointment with a Psychologist. Whatever step you choose it has generally been taken after a great deal of thought and with a little apprehension.

The SANE Help Centre understands that reaching out for help is an act of courage and hope.

For many people this is the first step in their recovery. Their questions are answered, fears subside and a treatment plan is created to guide them back to health. However, this is not always what happens when people reach out for help. Sometimes phone calls go unanswered, a trusted GP is away, the service you approach tells you that they cannot help or you simply don’t like your new Psychologist. What do you do then?

The SANE Help Centre understands that reaching out for help is an act of courage and hope. SANE Advisors are skilled in helping people understand the changes they are experiencing. Advisors can help you navigate the various support options that are available and also understand that not all referrals lead to the right treatment for a variety of reasons.

If you are having any difficulty in accessing the treatment and support you need, please contact the SANE Help Centre on 1800 18 7263. SANE can work with you to open the doors that will lead to the right treatment and your continued recovery.

Last updated: 11 January, 2018

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