Snapshots! Improving community attitudes towards people with mental illness

Misunderstanding and stigma have a major impact on people with mental illness.

Reducing stigma makes an important contribution to improving the lives of people with mental illness –from better understanding and support from politicians and decision-makers, through to changed attitudes from neighbours, workmates and genuine inclusion in society.

Using interviews and photographs, Snapshots invites you to get to know some ordinary – yet also extraordinary – Australians, who reveal what it is like to experience mental illness from the inside, and share their honest insights into recovery and the importance of connections with other people.

‘We are trying to improve community attitudes towards people with mental illness,’ says SANE Australia’s Executive Director Barbara Hocking.

‘Part of Snapshots is to show that people with mental illness actually are great contributors to the community as well. They can provide good friendship and help other people, it’s not always that they are being helped.

Click below to hear more from Barbara Hocking.

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