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Celebrating World Bipolar Day at SANE and how you can get involved

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Did you know 1.3% of Australians are living with bipolar disorder? 

Each year on World Bipolar Day, SANE Australia celebrates the achievements and voices of people living with bipolar, encouraging everyone to learn more and reduce stigma for people with this diagnosis. 

Whether you're living with bipolar, or care about someone who is, take a look at the many ways you can join the discussion on World Bipolar Day 2021, taking place Tuesday 30 March. This year, we're putting the focus on bipolar disorder and relationships, providing resources, online discussions, Q&As, and hosting lived experience perspectives on this topic.

Get involved to learn about and discuss navigating friendships, intimate relationships, family and workplace relationships while living with bipolar or caring about someone with this diagnosis.

To understand more and participate in conversations you can: 

Last updated: 22 March 2021