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Response to the draft Productivity Commission report into mental health

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Response to the draft Productivity Commission report into mental health

SANE Australia has collaborated with Mind, Wellways and Neami in responding to the Productivity Commission’s draft report on the social and economic benefits of improving mental health.

The joint submission presents a united view on where we believe the final report can be strengthened so that it best addresses needs of all people affected by complex mental health issues, their carers, families and friends, and the workforce who support them.

While we’re encouraged by the Commission’s draft report overall, we have made a number of recommendations we believe will make the final report stronger.

Primarily, we recommend that the Productivity Commission gives a far greater focus to the role of psychosocial supports and clearer plans to reform and expand the community mental health service sector.

One of the most significant and pressing gaps within the Draft Report is the omission on the community mental health workforce. To address this gap and support a greater understanding of the community mental health workforce, its strengths and the issues it currently faces, we’ve provided the Commission with detailed information and specific recommendations across this area.

Read our full response to the draft report.

Last updated: 7 October 2020