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Guidelines for student enquiries


Be clear about when you require a response. Please allow a turnaround time of at least ten working days.

Be specific

Student enquiries can often be very open-ended or general – don’t be afraid to be specific. For example, instead of asking 'Can you give me information about stigma and mental illness?', ask 'how does the media stigmatise mental illness?'

Do your research before contacting SANE

SANE Australia will endeavour to respond to student enquires if appropriate and where the information cannot be sourced from our website. Also please ensure SANE is the most appropriate organisation to assist you with your enquiry.

Don’t ask SANE to do your work

The Media Centre is happy to assist students in the development of assignments but will not undertake the work on behalf of the students. Please don’t send us your assignment questions – we will not complete your assignment for you.

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