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SANE Australia to expand focus on service delivery, based on unprecedented demand

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SANE Australia to expand focus on service delivery, based on unprecedented demand

With demand for SANE Australia’s free counselling services having doubled in the last year, and with a new Chair Lucy Myer, and new CEO Rachel Green at the helm, SANE has identified the need to develop new strategies to meet unprecedented demand.

Consultations with our lived experience communities, along with government and industry leaders, are beginning to help us refine our focus in line with community need.

As we refine our focus on service delivery, it is with great thanks that we farewell our Deputy CEO and Founding Director of the Anne Deveson Research Centre (ADRC), Dr Michelle Blanchard, who leaves a lasting legacy and strong foundation upon which to build SANE’s future direction. 

We will continue our work via the ADRC, and will build and strengthen our collaborations with the University of Melbourne to spotlight and address the structural discrimination our lived experience communities continue to encounter, including those identified via our National Stigma Report Card findings.  

With 2021 marking SANE’s 35th anniversary, we will continue to honour the legacies of Anne Deveson, Barbara Hocking, Marg Leggatt, Sandy Jeffs and our many inspirational founders and collaborators, while also working with today’s invaluable Peer Ambassadors to develop a bold vision for the organisation, and for the communities we serve – not only meeting our community’s needs now, but for the next 10 years and beyond.

We look forward to sharing more on our future-focussed model of complex mental health care soon. 

To learn more about our current counselling and peer support, see our SANE Support services.

Last updated: 1 April 2021