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SANE DVD Kits feature people living with a mental illness and their families speaking frankly and movingly about their experience. Describing symptoms, treatments and what people can do to help themselves, the DVDs are invaluable in education, the workplace and for anyone wanting to understand what it means to live with an illness such as bipolar disorder, depression or schizophrenia. DVDs are produced in partnership with RealTime Health (running time: approx 20-40 minutes).

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 Bipolar Disorder

 play_icon 2.45 min

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 play_icon 5.10 min

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Last modified: March 2014

 Families + Mental Illness

 play_icon 2.20 min

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 play_icon 2.50 min

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 play_icon 4.30 min

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 Healthy Living

 play_icon 2.20 min

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