SANE Australia works in partnership with consumer and carer groups, government departments and agencies, professional groups, and national and international peak bodies. It also works with philanthropic trusts, the corporate sector and universities, to support applied research and the development of information resources to help people affected by mental illness.

Australian Universities
SANE Australia conducts research to help people seriously affected by mental illness, in partnership with a range of Australian universities.

Consumer and Carer Groups
SANE Australia regularly consults and works with relevant consumer and carer groups, including ARAFMI, Carers' Association, the National Mental Health Consumer Network and Schizophrenia Fellowships.

Health Promotion Agencies
SANE Australia works cooperatively with agencies in related health promotion areas, such as QUIT and the Australian Drug Foundation.

National Peak Bodies
SANE Australia is an active member of relevant national peak bodies, such as the Mental Health Council of Australia and ACOSS.

Philanthropic Trusts
A range of Philanthropic trusts support SANE Australia's work in action, research and the development of information resources for people seriously affected by mental illness.


Last modified: November 2012

Australian Governments
SANE Australia's expertise in research is called on for projects commissioned by Federal and State Health Departments.

Corporate Sector
SANE Australia works with partners in the corporate sector to promote community understanding of mental illness and its treatment.

International Alliances
SANE Australia works in cooperation with overseas and international organisations which have similar aims.

Professional Groups
RANZCP (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists), RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practice) and Pharmacy Guild of Australia are among professional groups with which SANE Australia consults and works.