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We all know maintaining a balanced diet is important for physical health but it can also be beneficial for your mood and wellbeing. Eating well is about getting a balanced diet with plenty of healthy foods that give your enough energy.

Achieving this can be challenging when you’re facing complex mental health issues which may impact your ability to plan and access healthy meals. The services outlined below help to reduce these barriers.


Free apps such as Yummly Recipes (iOS and android) and Plan to Eat (iOS and android) store and manage your recipes, help you to plan meals, and create shopping lists based on the recipes you select.

Similarly, the Coles (iOS and android) and Woolworths (iOS and android) supermarket apps let you build shopping lists. They’ll sort your items by aisle, remind you of the foods you buy regularly, and point you to discounted products.

Shared shopping list apps like Our Groceries (iOS and android) and Out of Milk (iOS and android) can also be helpful when you’re shopping for multiple people. Other members of your household can add or remove items from the shopping list to ensure you don’t double up on items or forget to buy important things.


Sadly, eating healthy foods can be challenging and costly. If you’re unable to budget for food, you can use search tools like AskIzzy or Food Bank to anonymously search for free food services in your local area.

Apps like Bring Me Home (iOS and android) also allow you to access leftover food from restaurants and supermarkets at a reduced price to help you stay within your budget and reduce waste.

Last updated: 4 October 2019
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