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Practical self-care

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View of residential street.


Learn more about different housing options and support services available in Australia.

Food: man preparing leafy green vegetables.


Tips for meal prep.
Personal health: SANE Peer Ambassador, Finn

Personal health

Where to go for different healthcare advice and resources.
Time management: Person organising calendar and schedule

Time management

Online tools for organising your life.
Sleep: cat sleeping


Apps that may improve your sleep cycle.
Finances: person counting money with calculator


Info to help you manage budgets, taxes and Centrelink.
Getting around: man on a bus

Getting around

Using apps to plan your trip ahead of time may help to reduce stress.
Seeking mental health support: professional healthcare worker in clinic

Seeking mental health support

Who to call when you need someone to talk to about mental health.
More to discover
your questions answered

Your questions answered

Advice from people with lived experience, carers and the SANE Help Centre.

People like us

Ever feel like you’re the only one going through this? We’ve asked people affected by complex mental health issues to share their stories. You’re not alone.