Top picks: Exploring borderline personality disorder

For BPD Awareness Week we’ve put together a list of articles, resources, videos and blogs that shed light on this often misunderstood illness.

BPD resources

BPD articles

BPD blogs

BPD videos

I am borderline

Award winning short film on borderline personality disorder that aims to reduce the stigma of BPD by showing people are more than their diagnosis.
* This video includes a graphic rendition of self-harm

Tas Pappas: Exercising mind and body

Former world champion skateboarder Tas Pappas speaks about being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Diagnosis into treatment and recovery

Catherine and Melanie, mother and daughter, talk about the benefits and challenges of receiving a BPD diagnosis, and their journey through to recovery.

Sonia explains her experience of BPD

Sonia Neale, recipient of the Hocking Fellowship 2014, speaks about her experience and research into Borderline personality disorder.