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Lessons for Life

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Lessons for Life

People who attempt to take their own lives provide valuable lessons for suicide prevention. Lessons for Life is a set of two resources; a research report and video that examines the experiences of people who attempt suicide and what helps or hinders their recovery.


The research study by SANE Australia and the University of New England is one of the first in Australia to examine the lived experience of people who have attempted suicide. It explores this first-person experience and what we can learn from them to save lives now and in the future.

A key recommendation stemming from the Lessons for Life report was the need to reduce the stigma associated with suicide. The Lessons for Life video shows the experiences of five people who have attempted suicide. It aims to break down negative stereotypes about people who attempt suicide and shows that there is hope for those affected.

Suicide Prevention Project Manager, Sarah Coker, discusses some of the key findings of the Lesson for Life study in this blog.

Further work

SANE will continue to advance the recommendations stemming from the Lessons for Life research report. We will begin to examine the impacts of caring for someone who is suicidal and develop supports for families and friends. There are several journal articles being written as a result of the Lessons for Life study.

Project funding

SANE Australia gratefully acknowledges funds received by the Australian Government Department of Health, under the National Suicide Prevention Strategy to undertake our suicide prevention work.

SANE is also grateful to the individuals who donate to SANE so that we can continue to provide all of our services. To donate to help us continue our work please Donate.

Last updated: 16 November, 2017


For more information about SANE’s work in Suicide Prevention email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Sarah Coker on (03) 9682 5933.

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