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The journey of a transgender child

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Photo Paul Jeffers from The Age

Journalist Clare Kermond explored the life of Marco, who identifies as a girl, in a piece that shows the struggles of transgender young people.

It highlighted the difficulty transgender people have in communicating their identity to the outside world and the stigma and stereotypes associated with it.

Clare says she really enjoyed working on the piece 'I was always a girl': the journey of a transgender child for Fairfax media.

'Marco's experience of coming out to the world has been largely positive, but it's not this way for many transgender children and young people. Several studies have found high rates of psychological distress, self-harm and suicide,' Clare writes.

She spent a lot of time double checking her quotes and keeping in touch with her contacts to ensure they felt consulted and confident in the process.

'[It was] such an important topic and one you really want to do well. I was lucky to find such terrific people to talk to,' Clare says.

The article gives a sensitive account of growing up transgender with perspectives from Marco and her family, supplemented with research from Latrobe University.

If you have seen other examples of responsible journalism like this report it to StigmaWatch.

Last updated: 19 October, 2015