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Dr Dov Degen, SANE Australia Peer Ambassador
Dr Dov Degen,
SANE Australia Peer Ambassador

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Dr Dov Degen,
SANE Australia Peer Ambassador

The global pandemic has undoubtedly been challenging for all Australians, but even more so for those of us affected by complex mental health issues.

In a time when uncertainty is rife, and life’s basic pleasures have shifted to cope with the COVID-19 health crisis, the SANE Help Centre has seen demand for support increase by over 50%.

Someone who knows the importance of being able to reach out to a free, accessible helpline for mental health support is SANE Peer Ambassador Dr Dov Degen who lives with bipolar disorder.

Dov has been a SANE Peer Ambassador for over five years. He is also a donor and proudly supports SANE’s services and programs through his monthly giving.

Although Dov’s symptoms peaked many years ago, he knows exactly how helpful it can be to reach out for support in times of crisis.

“When I was nineteen, I was struggling with a resurgence of some symptoms, after the death of a friend. Unable to sleep one night, I anxiously called a helpline for the first time. The person on the other end of the phone was very comforting. I felt validated, and I realized that I wasn’t alone.”

As a doctor living with a complex mental health issue, Dov is acutely aware of the mental health challenges the community is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As I see it, the pandemic and lockdown restrictions carry so many ingredients for mental health disturbance: loneliness, isolation, financial insecurity, fear, and anxiety. It’s critical to have a service like SANE’s Help Centre available when we experience these feelings.”

As we all reflect on the dramatic changes to our lives this year, we hope you will consider making a gift to support the Help Centre. All donations, no matter the size, make a difference.

The Help Centre in 2020 - Impact thanks to our generous donors7698 contacts to the service, a 56% growth from previous year7 new counsellors recruitedAvergae call length of 17 minutes and 34 secondsCaller satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5


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