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The guidance and resources you need to support someone living with a mental illness.

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Could someone you know be unwell?

It's hard when you're concerned about a loved one.

Encouraging help seeking

Is one of the best things we can do if we’re concerned about someone.

Helping your loved one access support

It can take a lot of courage to take the first step.

Treatments and health professionals

There are a number of treatment and management options.

Supporting your loved one

Remember, supporting someone doesn’t require grand gestures.

Supporting someone having thoughts of suicide

A supportive conversation is a good way to start.

Understanding crisis and assessment teams

A multi-disciplinary team who provide support to people in a mental health crisis.

Engaging in your own self-care

It's important to look after yourself as well as the person you're caring for.

Helpful resources

A number of services you may find helpful on your journey.

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Facts & guides

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Get the facts on mental illness. Detailed information about treatments, support, and helping yourself & others.

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People like us

Positive, real-life stories from people affected by mental illness.

SANE Help Centre

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