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Changing attitudes, changing lives

We can all play a part in combating stigma

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Changing attitudes . . .

to mental illness can make a real, positive difference to people’s lives. By getting the facts, listening to the voices of those affected, being aware of our own attitudes, and speaking out, we can all contribute to creating a more welcoming, inclusive society.

Self-stigma happens when we accept other people’s negative, inaccurate views of ourselves.
Families affected by mental illness talk about the impact of stigma.
SANE Media Centre provide the tools you need to deal positively with the media.
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The SANE Guide to Reducing Stigma.

Practical suggestions on what you can do to reduce stigma.


Established in 1999, SANE StigmaWatch pioneered stigma-reduction by improving representation of mental illness and suicide in the media.

When someone reports to StigmaWatch, the media item is investigated and evaluated against the StigmaWatch Criteria and Mindframe guidelines. If appropriate, StigmaWatch then acts on the report.

Report an item to StigmaWatch.

Examples of StigmaWatch taking action.
Tackling stigma against mental illness.

StigmaWatch Bulletin

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Looking for something else?
a life without stigma

Life Without Stigma

The Life Without Stigma report examines the impact stigma has on the lives of people affected by mental illness.

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SANE Media Centre

Contact Robyn Thompson or Jenni Henderson at the SANE Media Centre.

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Lets say no to stigma

Say no to stigma! is a YouTube campaign to spread the word that this prejudice is unacceptable in Australia today.

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SANE StigmaWatch is part of the Australian Government’s Mindframe National Media Initiative