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SANE Peer Ambassadors

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SANE Peer Ambassadors

SANE Peer Ambassadors are a group of people who work with SANE Australia to raise awareness, reduce stigma and provide hope to Australians affected by complex mental illness.

Peer Ambassadors share their personal experience of living with, or supporting someone with a complex mental illness. They also help develop, deliver and evaluate SANE’s programs and services.

All Peer Ambassadors receive training and support, guiding them through the process of sharing their story in ways that align with their reason for becoming an ambassador.

SANE Peer Ambassadors contribute their unique voice and authentic perspective to SANE’s work by speaking at public or workplace events, and engaging with corporate, government and non-government organisations, the media and broader community.

Participants are regularly invited to contribute to advocacy and research projects, review resources and provide their insights through co-design or research projects.

Become a SANE Peer Ambassador

Request a Peer Ambassador for your event or project

This program receives funding from a range of private donors and corporate supporters. See more about who funds SANE’s work.

Last updated: 8 September 2020

SANE Peer Ambassadors

SANE speakers

Share your experience of mental illness and help reduce stigma by becomming a Peer Ambassador.

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