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Request support for your research

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SANE Australia encourages efforts by researchers to improve the lives of those affected by complex mental health issues or at risk of suicide. We regularly receive enquiries from researchers requesting that SANE promote their research studies to support participant recruitment.

SANE will consider the following points in considering these requests:

  • SANE’s current capacity to support external research.
  • SANE’s ability to meaningfully assist.
  • The involvement of people with lived experience of mental health issues in the study’s design.
  • The study’s relationship to complex mental health issues or suicide prevention.
  • Whether the study has approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee, or whether approval will be sought.
  • Appropriate processes for participant support, depending on the nature, content and methodology of the research and potential risks to the wellbeing of participants (e.g. face-to-face interviews/focus groups, online surveys etc).
  • The study’s relevance to SANE’s Vision and Mission.
  • The standing of the researcher and/or institution

Forms of research support

SANE Australia will consider requests for two kinds of research support: assistance with particpant recruitment and assistance with study design.

Assistance with participant recruitment

SANE Australia may choose to assist with the recruitment of participants to take part in research projects and studies. However, SANE does not guarantee that this promotion will result in a particular number of participants, or particular demographics.

Assistance with recruitment of study participants does not constitute endorsement of the associated research project by SANE Australia.

Assistance with study design

SANE researches and develops resources to inform and educate the community about the impact of mental health issues and to promote a fulfilling life for all those affected.

In order to build better services, policies, and programs, we work with people with lived experience of complex mental health issues, carers, families, and health professionals.

If you would like assistance from SANE Australia to develop research that aims to improve the lives of those affected by complex mental health issues or at risk of suicide, a request of this nature may be considered.

Request to interview SANE Australia staff

As a small team, we are limited in our ability to accept interview requests made for research purposes.

SANE will consider requests for interviews to support research that specifically aims to improve the lives of those affected by complex mental health issues or at risk of suicide.

Applying for support

If your research fits the above criteria, complete the SANE Australia Research Support application form below.

If you are requesting support with participant recruitment, you must attach a copy of the study’s ethics approval notice.

If the study has not yet been approved by a recognised ethics committee, please provide information about which HREC will be used.

SANE Australia will assess the application and notify the researcher of the outcome no later than two weeks after the submissions date.

SANE does not provide financial support for research.

Click the link below to apply for research support from the ADRC.

SANE Australia Research Support application form


SANE Australia is not responsible for the conduct of any research project it supports in the ways mentioned above. SANE Australia not liable for any claims concerning negligence, harm or oversight that might arise during the course of any research project it supports.

SANE Australia will act in accordance with the SANE Australia Privacy Policy.

Further information

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See currently supported external research projects.

Last updated: 5 March 2021