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Better Support

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August 2017 — June 2020

The Better Support Project is a research and resource-development project, examining the impact of supporting someone who has attempted suicide. Conducted by SANE Australia and the University of New England, it aims to explore the experiences of family and friends following a suicide attempt by a loved one.

The project will include two phases:

  1. Completed research report
  2. Resource development.

Results of the research report will be used to develop a resource and provide better support to those caring for someone following a suicide attempt.

Team members

Expected outcomes

Based on the findings from the research report, SANE Australia will develop a resource and dissemination plan for implementation in early 2020. The impact of both will be evaluated before the close of the project in early 2020. The impact of both will be evaluated before the close of the project in June 2020. 

Project Partners

The Better Support Project is funded by the Ian Potter Foundation and the Grenet Foundation.

Opportunities to contribute

The research phase of this project is now complete. We regret that there are no current opportunities to contribute to this project.

Further information

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the Better Support Project.

Read or download the full report below:

Better Support: Understanding the needs of family and friends when a loved one attempts suicide (PDF 812KB)

Last updated: 27 November, 2019