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Better Off With You

October 2018 — October 2019

Better Off With You (BOWY) is a targeted suicide awareness campaign pilot, using personal stories of individuals who have survived suicide attempts to change the behaviour of people considering suicide. The campaign will challenge the perceptions of people at risk of suicide that they are a burden on their family, friends and other people.

The development of BOWY will be underpinned by rigorous research, stakeholder consultation and a literature review, to determine target audiences and markets in each region of Australia, how best to reach them and what factors influence behaviour.

This research will ensure the campaign is evidence-based, but will also measure the effectiveness of campaign messages, dissemination channels and first-person stories to provide insights for future suicide prevention initiatives.

Team members

Expected outcomes

The goal of the BOWY project is to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviour among those contemplating taking their own lives by using first person peer-to-peer storytelling.

Project Partners

BOWY is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health as part of their suite of National Suicide Prevention initiatives.

Opportunities to contribute

There are no current opportunities to contribute to Better Off With You.

For more opportunities, see our Contribute to ADRC research page.

Further information

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