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Podcasts and mental health

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Podcasts and mental health

With the spread of the internet and the decline in use of traditional media such as newspaper and radio, podcasts have exploded in popularity over the last few years.

The aim of this PhD study is to identify whether listening to a podcast can reduce stigmatising attitudes towards people living with complex mental health issues.

This project began in June 2020.

The study is funded by the National Stigma Report Card project, which is led by SANE Australia in partnership with the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences with the support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

Study 1: Podcasts and Mental Health Survey

We are now recruiting for the first study of this project.

The aim of this survey is to understand the behaviours, attitudes and preferences of podcast listeners regarding different types of podcasts, including podcasts on the topic of mental health. It is also designed to understand the relationship between listening to podcasts and different aspects of mental health.

We are seeking participants for this survey. To participate in the study, you must be located in Australia, aged 18 or older and have listened to a podcast in the last 12 months, on any topic.

You will have the opportunity to enter the draw to win one of five $50 Giftpay vouchers at the end of the survey.

If you would like to help promote the study, you can view the Stakeholder Information Pack here.

Expected Outcomes

This study will generate new information about how podcasts can be used for stigma reduction initiatives.

Results will be published in a PhD thesis and may also be published in a peer-reviewed journal or presented at a conference.

Team Members

  • Elise Carrotte
    PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
    Senior Research and Evaluation Coordinator, SANE Australia
  • Professor Lisa Phillips
    Primary Supervisor
    Director Professional Programs, Associate Head of School, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Michelle Blanchard
    Deputy CEO, SANE Australia and Director, Anne Deveson Research Centre
    Honorary Senior Fellow, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Christopher Groot
    Research Lead, National Stigma Report Card
    Director, Telehealth and Stigma Lab – Brain and Mental Health Hub, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Fincina Hopgood
    Lecturer in Screen Studies - Faculty of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Education; School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, University of New England
  • Further information

    Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the project.

Last updated: 17 February 2021