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R E Ross Trust

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About R E Ross Trust

The R E Ross Trust is a perpetual charitable Trust established in Victoria in 1970 by the will of the late Roy Everard Ross. Since its inception, the Ross Trust has distributed over $90 million dollars in grants for charitable purposes in Victoria.  Governed by five Trustees who manage the Trust’s assets and distribute its income, the granting priorities of the Trust are set by Trustees who take into account the wishes of the Trust’s benefactor, Roy Everard Ross. These priorities reflect the Trust’s mission to address disadvantage and inequity, encourage and promote social inclusiveness, community connectedness, health and wellbeing, and protect and preserve Australian flora and fauna.

Support for SANE

For the period FY19-FY21, Re Ross Trust is supporting the 'SANE Assist' project which aims to increase organisational capacity to provide specialist, professional mental health support services for people affected by complex mental health issues, including those living in rural and regional areas via SANE's 1800 helpline, webchat, email, online forums and psycho-educational resources on

Established in 1998, the SANE Help Centre is the only support service of its kind in Australia for people affected by complex mental health issues. One of the most unique aspects of the SANE Australia Help Centre is that it is staffed by trained mental health professionals who not only care deeply about the work they do, but also have the specific professional expertise and wisdom to guide and support people on their journey with complex mental illness.