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Grenet Merrin Foundation

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The Grenet Foundation is supporting SANE’s ‘Better Support’ three-year research and health promotion project that seeks to understand and better support the needs of families and friends when a loved one attempts suicide.

The University of New England has been engaged to conduct qualitative research to evaluate the provision of support and services for carers of people who have attempted or died by suicide.

A matched grant from The Ian Potter Foundation will then inform the development of resources promotion, and advocacy towards increasing the knowledge of community and health sector professionals, whilst reducing stigma, and improving the lives of carers.

At its core, Better Support will provide practical and easy to access information about how best to support a person who has attempted suicide, and how to stay healthy as the care-giver.

The resources will emphasise a non-clinical, first-person perspective and be disseminated through community and Primary Health Networks, and our network of 50+ mental health partners. It will also allow us to effectively advocate on behalf of those impacted by attempted suicide and inform policy and programming decisions.