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Lithium Technologies

About Lithium Technologies

Lithium Technologies provides social customer experience management software for organisations and businesses. Based in San Francisco, Lithium has offices around the world in London, Austin, Paris, Sydney, Singapore, New York, and Zürich.

The Lithium platform combines online customer community applications such as forums, blogs, product reviews and knowledge bases with the broader social web and traditional CRM business processes. It also delivers on-demand products in a hosted environment rather than as traditional, packaged software.

Lithium helps brands connect, engage with, and understand customers by enabling them to respond on social networks and foster engagement on a community they own. The technology delivers a seamless digital customer experience across websites, social channels and mobile devices.

Lithium has customers in more than 34 countries and more than 100 million unique monthly visitors across all Lithium communities. As a result it has one of the largest digital footprints in the world.

Support for SANE

Lithium Technologies provides the software platform that drives the SANE Forums.

Thanks to Lithium’s generous support, we have built a safe and supportive online community for tens of thousands of Australians affected by mental illness. Through the Lithium platform we are opening up the huge untapped resource of peer support across the nation.

Lithium has also enabled us to support mental health organisations in every state and territory through syndication. Each of our mental health partners offer direct access to the forums on their own sites, providing an enhanced service for the people they already serve.

Importantly, just under a third of the people using the SANE Forums are from rural and regional Australia where people have limited access to mental health services.


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