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Become a Peer Ambassador

Become a Peer Ambassador

SANE Peer Ambassadors work with us to raise awareness, reduce stigma and provide hope to Australians affected by complex mental illness.

Who can be a SANE Peer Ambassador?

Peer Ambassadors are either:

  • People with their own lived experience of complex mental illness
  • Families, friends, carers, partners and colleagues, who support someone affected by mental illness.

'Being involved with SANE has given me a voice that I never had before.'

– Sylvia Magnay

What do SANE Peer Ambassadors do?

SANE Peer Ambassadors work with us in many ways.

Opportunities include:

  • Attending public, university or workplace events
  • Informing the design, delivery and evaluation of SANE's programs and services
  • Participating in SANE’s stigma reduction campaigns
  • Submitting or reviewing stories, articles and resources
  • Contributing to SANE’s advocacy and research projects
  • Talking to corporate, government and non-government organisations
  • Sharing personal stories with the media and the broader community.

How can you become a SANE Peer Ambassador?

We’re proud to say that we currently have a full program of Peer Ambassadors. Unfortunately, this means we won’t be recruiting for the foreseeable future.

When expressions of interest open again, this will be announced in the SANE Express so make sure to sign up to be the first to know.

"An incredibly rewarding experience. An opportunity to share my experience and help to tackle the stigma around psychosis."

– Hannah Hyatt


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