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The SANE Australia team work together to end stigma and help all Australians affected by mental illness to lead a better life.
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Executive team

Chief Executive Officer — Jack Heath

General Manager, Digital & Communications — Philippa Costigan

General Manager, Research, Policy & Programs — Michelle Blanchard 

Executive Officer / Company Secretary — Jackie Lane

Research, Policy & Programs

Head of Programs — Sarah Coker

Lived Experience Coordinator — Natalie Rutstein

Help Centre & Online Forums

Head of Service Delivery — Suzanne Leckie

Online Community Manager — Nicole Thomas

Forums Partnership Coordinator — Mehna Alacozy

The SANE Helpline, email, chat and Forum services are staffed by mental health professionals.

Operations & Development

Manager, Business Development — Sylvia Jenson

Fundraising Development Analyst — Patrick Fitzgerald

Finance Manager — Lynn Crawford

Manager, People & Culture — Charmaine Smith

Accounts and Office Manager — Emma Rye

IT Manager — Myra Jill Nunez

Receptionist and Administration Assistant — Kate Goff

Digital & Communications

Head of Campaigns & Communications — Danielle Bombardieri

Digital Content & Social Media Producer — Jeremy Little

Digital Content Producer — Mat Larkin

Digital Content Producer — Emma Clark

Senior Media and Public Relations Advisor — Ellen Sproule

Marketing and Communications Coordinator — Marianne Lynch

Last updated: 12 April, 2018

Contact us

Please click the link above to contact us by web form. If you’d prefer to speak to someone please call us on: +61 3 9682 5933