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If you have seen a report you believe is commendable, worthy of note, or contrary to the Mindframe Reporting Suicide and Mental Illness guidelines, you can submit an online StigmaWatch report below.

StigmaWatch process

StigmaWatch reports can be anonymous.

Each report is evaluated against the Mindframe guidelines and if found to be stigmatising or irresponsible, action is taken.

SANE StigmaWatch will contact the journalist and editor, explain the reason for complaint and encourage them to report, or represent, mental illness and suicide in a sensitive and responsible manner. In the case of outlets refusing to acknowledge a report, or failing to take appropriate action, StigmaWatch will consider taking their complaint to the relevant industry body or watchdog.

In the case of positive portrayals, StigmaWatch contacts the journalist to pass on positive feedback and reiterate the role positive media coverage plays in the reduction of stigma.

Reports where action is taken are logged under StigmaWatch Activity. These summaries outline the Good News, or StigmaWatch report, the action taken and response received from those contacted.

The decision to action a report lies with SANE Australia, based on the Mindframe Reporting Suicide and Mental Illness guidelines and the availability of resources.

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