News + Comment 2014

SANE Australia welcomes swift rebranding of stigmatising ride at Perth Royal Show


The national mental health charity, SANE Australia, welcomes the Royal Agricultural Society of WA’s decision to rebrand a controversial ride at this year’s Perth Royal Show that stigmatised mental illness.

The attraction – 'Bethlem Sanatorium' – which was condemned by SANE Australia and other groups, will now be called ‘Mayhem Manor’, with a haunted house theme, and all references to mental illness removed.

SANE Australia CEO, Jack Heath, said the leadership shown by Western Australia’s mental health organisations and representative bodies was key to advocating for the speedy resolution to this issue.

‘We congratulate and thank Consumers of Mental Health WA Executive Director, Shauna Gaebler, for the work she has undertaken to represent all Western Australians living with a mental illness,’ Mr Heath said.

‘Throughout this issue Shauna has been on the front foot, outlining the potential harm of the exhibit, lobbying for the removal of the ride,’ Heath added.

SANE Australia also recognises the work undertaken by WA Mental Health Commissioner, Timothy Marney, WA Mental Health Minister, Helen Morton and Western Australian Association for Mental Health President, Alison Xamon.

‘The Royal Agricultural Society of WA should be recognised for listening to the many voices representing people with a mental illness,’ Mr Heath said.

‘We appreciate that there was no intention to cause harm in the staging of this attraction and we appreciate the timely decision on and action undertaken to rectify our concerns.’


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