News + Comment 2014

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Whenever we find ourselves facing a crisis or going through a really difficult time, to feel part of a supportive community makes such an enormous difference. Sure, being part of a community doesn’t remove our problem but it can certainly reduce the burden and help put us on a path to recovery.

When it comes to mental health issues, community is incredibly important. Many of us can remember back to a time when a mental health issue first touched our lives and we felt incredibly alone. It could have been facing depression and being reluctant to seek help. It might have been a family member behaving in a disturbing way and us taking them to a mental health professional for the first time.

In all these situations, to know that you are not alone makes such an enormous difference. That’s why at SANE Australia we have spent the past year working hard to build a national community for all Australians affected by mental illness. Using the power of the Internet, we’ve built the SANE Forums for carers and families as well as individuals with lived experience of mental illness.