About SANE Australia

SANE passionately believes that by providing guidance to those affected by mental illness, the mental health sector, Government and the community, we can achieve better understanding, increased support and improved services for people affected by mental illness.

SANE conducts programs, educational campaigns and research to improve the lives of people living with mental illness, their family and friends. SANE also operates a Helpline and website, which provides support to tens of thousands of people and their families every year.

For over 20 years the organisation has continued to expand, undertaking independent research studies, developing resources, implementing campaigns and increasing the scope of work to support all those impacted by mental illness.

SANE Australia is an independent national organisation, receiving no ongoing government funding. Registered as a charity, SANE relies exclusively on donations and grants to carry out its work.

Services and Resources

  • Provides the only Australia-wide Freecall 1800 number offering information, advice and referral to over 10,000 callers every year concerned about mental illness and suicide – 1800 18 SANE (7263)
  • Provides an award-winning website which includes an online helpline, information and resources for people affected by mental illness, the mental health sector and the media – www.sane.org
  • Operates a website to support young people in families affected by a mental illness, with factsheets and podcasts as well as an online helpline for teenagers to ask their own questions or seek support – www.itsallright.org
  • Produces a comprehensive range of easy-to-understand guides, pamphlets and factsheets on anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, suicide, bereavement and mental health related issues, including mind and body, plus multimedia resources, including podcasts, DVDs and CDs
  • Operates an online bookshop featuring inspirational authors who share their personal experience with mental illness, treatment and recovery.


SANE Australia has won a number of awards for education through its publications and also through the website.

Partnerships and Education

  • Undertakes ongoing research on topical mental health issues to inform advocacy and lobbying activity
  • Provides guidance to mental health services, including the latest research and good practice guidelines
  • Runs a national Suicide Bereavement project providing staff training and workshops nationwide
  • Through the Mind and Body initiative , provides SmokeFree resources to health workers to enable tailored quit smoking programs for people with a mental illness
  • Undertakes research and develops practical guidance to help those living with a chronic physical illness who have high levels of depression and anxiety.

Increasing understanding

  • Provides media with guidance and support to report responsibly on mental illness and suicide through the SANE Media Centre
  • Operates the SANE StigmaWatch program, providing community feedback about media reports on mental illness and suicide
  • Raises awareness of mental illness and improving community attitudes through the media including national awareness campaigns
  • Publishes regular updates and information about mental health issues in SANE News and SANE Express.
  • Enables first-hand experiences of mental illness to be shared with decision makers such as corporate organisations, the media and mental health services via the SANE Speakers program.